How to lose face fat

We all love to take selfies.  It shows our face more closely than a back camera photo. Though you can have a photo with glowing skin look by using photo effects, it is quite impossible to make your face thin if you are having a double chin face. Double face and chubby cheeks are occurring due to face fat. This is becoming such a worrying reason among people who are concerning their beauty a lot. Though you think that is impossible to reduce this which effect on your beauty, there are several ways of reducing your face fat. So, let us see how to lose face fat.

What is face fat? – before talking about how to lose face fat

Excess body fat is the major reason for having the face fat. When you are gaining your body fat, the excess amounts are depositing mainly in cheeks, under the chin, jowls, and neck. While extra fat is accumulating on your face, your face is getting round and puffy. Though it gives a cute feeling to touch and squeeze your face. But, this really changes once facial structure and features of yours, where the muscle and bones can not play its role to make a shape for your face.

What are the causes to gain fat on your face?

The weight gain of your face can be due to several reasons. Mainly it is due to your bad and unhealthy life style changes such as wrong diet, lack of exercises. But this can be transferred from your parents to you as a genetic influence. Also, while getting age you may have to face this trouble.

Ways to lose your face fat

Losing the accumulated fat in the body may be bit problematic, but it is better you can start it from a specific area. But I know that you can wear a smile on your face, if I say that it is possible. Yes. True. There are numerous ways to solve this problem. Also, there are some way to guide you as a solution of your problem; how to lose face fat fast.

1. Doing facial exercises

how to lose fat in your face

Some of the most popular exercises involve puffing out your cheeks and pushing the air from side to side, puckering your lips on alternating sides, rolling your lips to front while moving side to side and holding a smile while clenching your teeth for several seconds at a time. Scientific studies have proved that following those exercises twice a day for two months, will make your face tightened, improve muscle thickness and rejuvenate your face. This is a best answer for the mind confusing question, how to lose fat in your face?

2. Adding cardio to your daily exercises

how to lose face fat fast

It is true that fat on your face is due to extra fat on your total body. So, adding highly fat and calorie burning exercises such as cardio and aerobics increase your heart rate and make you slim more quickly. Cardio work outs such as swimming, running and biking also helps to lose your body fat, thus reduce your face fat and slim down your chubby face too. Therefore, how to lose face fat fast is not a big problem if you can add some cardio exercises to your daily work out routine.

3. Drinking more and more water

Water is a vital resource for your overall health. Drinking more than eight glasses of water is important to increase the weight loss and while keeping your stomach with a full feeling. Studies have showed that drinking water increases metabolism and decrease your calorie intake. Making your body more hydrated make your skin glowing and reduce the puffiness of the face while preventing bloating and swelling of the face.

4. Cutting of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (specially refined carbs) increase your weights as it has high calories. When carbohydrates are completely refined, it does not include valuable nutrients, elements and fibers. But what you get is only calories and sugars. If you eat more carbs then you automatically increase the calorie intake. If those calories defeat the daily calorie intake according to your activity level, then the excess calories tend to store in your body in fat tissues. And also, it increases the sugar level of your blood too. In you have a high greediness to high carb, instant and processed foods, you tend to eat more and more. But, the satiety of stomach is not good enough with card foods. Then you feel more and more hungriness as those high carb foods are getting digest soon. Refined carbohydrates foods like white bread, biscuits, cookies, pasta and buns are among major foods to aid your weight gain.

According to studies, high carb intake results in gaining belly fat also. So, it is sure that those fats also can accumulate in your face too. So, what you have to do is cut off excess carbohydrates in your food and limit your calorie intake.

Always, try to maintain it lower than your daily requirement, as this leads to reduce stored fat as they are taken as fuel to perform body functions. It is better to shift to high protein and highly fibrous foods to make your stomach more satiety for a long period of time, thus minimize the food intake. Coupling with exercise with your diet plan is the most successful method of having a healthier looking facial area, while providing a mind-blowing answer to the question of how to lose face and neck fast? What you have to do is, just practice this and prove other the results you gained.

5. Alcohol limitation

Taking high amount of alcohol also helps in gain excess fat in your facial areas. That is because it contains more calories than nutrients, which associates with body weight gain. And this induces the accumulation more fat in tissues too. As this very common issue among men, there is a problem arising as how to lose face fat men. So, what you have to do is cut your overboard alcohol consumption.

6. Cutting of salt intake

Food stuff with sodium is helping in retain water in your body, thus makes you bloat your body, including your face. Processed foods have high amount of salt. Foods like savory snacks, processed meat products, bites and deep-fried foods have high amount of salt. Salt is acting as a taste enhancer; thus, you take more and more food with salt, making you fatter even in facial area. So, what you have to do is reduce salt intake as much as you can,This is also a good practice for the mind confusing question, how to lose face fat?

7. Taking a good sleep

If you want to decrease your current weight up to a satisfied level, you have to cut off sleep deprivation. That is because this helps in increasing cortisol amount in blood, which is called as a stress hormone. As a side effect this tends to gain weight. High cortisol level increases the appetite to food and reduce metabolism. So, you may end up with gaining weight due to the greediness for food. This results in fat storage of your body even in your face. Therefore, sleeping around eight hours helps to reduce your facial fat too, making your face slimmer.

If you couple above mentioned methods with your daily routine it is not that much impossible to you to gain your dream face. You can follow exercises and have healthy diet coupled with some scarifications such as low sugar and salt intake. This will definitely give you results within few days. If you follow above mentioned facts, you can become the exemplary answer for the question how to lose face fat fast in a week. This is because; it is the hope of everyone without any consideration such as gender, age and any kind of status. What we all dream about is having a slim face like our favorite television stars.


Face is the main eye-catching area when someone looks at you. It is quit easy to have a love at first sight if you are having an attractive and slim face. A highly chubby and puffy face makes feel older than your exact age. And also, your facial features are highly point out when you are having a slim face. If you are currently having a chubby and fatty face, the main immerging question in your mind is how to lose face fat. So, providing some aid to solve your problem, we have mentioned some scientifically proven solutions. Hope they will guide to your expectation.


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