Low sodium fast food

Food is the main source of getting the energy to do the job of normal day-to-day functions. Whatever the type of it we consumed, we always desire to have our plate is sweet, crispy, crunchy or some pungency even. Finally, what we are doing is making our tongue more satisfied, thus enlighten the brain with satiety signals. With the modern-day busy lifestyles, people have shifted to junk foods, which contain high fat, high salt, and high sugar. With the adverse chronic side effects that occurred due to the wrong lifestyle, some have shifted to healthy meals too. Those food have an influence on ‘low’ range in terms of low fat, low salt (means low sodium) and low sugar. This is where the place low sodium fast foods play a vital role in our day to day food lifestyles.

This will be a better alternative to the people who like to shift to a healthy diet but have little or no preference to spend much time to prepare them.

What are low sodium fast food?

Usually manufactures originally aim to cater to the needs of busy workers, travelers who do not have time to sit for a meal or cannot even wait for it. With the precooked formulas, various types of chemical additives and modern machines, the waiting time has reduced to seconds. This is where the fast-food concept is arriving at the commercial market to serve according to the speed of service.

But, how can we integrate the concept of low sodium foods to fast-food culture? This is where the battle begins. As the main source of having sodium to your meal is by salt. Therefore, high salty taste foods have high amounts of sodium. To cut off exceed sodium you should have proper knowledge on foods having its high values. Most of the time, the usual food we consume such as ham, sausages & bacon, processed cheese varieties, sauce range, and bread kinds are high sodium fast foods.

Let us dig up more about low sodium fast food!

According to the FDA, in order to consider food as a low sodium food, it should be contained 140 mg of sodium or less than the value per serving. And also, about 5% daily value or less sodium per serving is also considered.

To apply these values to the real lifestyle, it is ok to have 1500 mg if you are suffering from kidney disease, heart failure or high blood pressure. But, if I suppose that you are a healthy adult, your daily sodium levels should not be exceeded than 2300mg per day.

Therefore, to become a low sodium fast food you have to consume fast food with the above guidelines. And you have to avoid fast foods, salty snack foods, frozen dinner, salted & canned foods, processed meats, salty soups, high sodium baked goods, sauces, condiments, pickles and boxed meals, which you can commonly find on the market. Now, the next series of questions are emerging one by one to your mind such as is it possible, how can we make them, from where we buy them and how can we keep our trust on them, etc. Therefore, we hope this article will help you to solve those questions.

What are the examples of low sodium fast food?

low sodium snacks

The most convenient way of choosing this type of food is to be shifting to foods that have low sodium levels naturally or containing its limited levels. Changing your current needs to low sodium fast food options will never alter your meals or will never make you bored with unappetizing foods. We can show you some examples to fulfill the answer to the question what are the best low sodium fast foods?

You can go for fresh vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, peppers, and cauliflower. Anyway, you have to consume them without any sauces. And frozen, fresh and dried fruits such as apple, berry, pears, and banana contain lower levels of sodium. Even starchy vegetables like potato, parsnip, and sweet potato are not contained higher sodium levels. Grains and pulses such as dried beans, brown rice, whole-wheat kinds of pasta and low sodium bread are other options. Fresh meat, poultry, fish and eggs are non-vegetarian options for your meals which belong to the category we are discussing now.

You can go for low sodium fats such as olive oil, avocado oil or even avocado fruit. Low sodium homemade or already canned soups, milk, yogurts, tea, coffee, low sodium fruits or vegetable juices will fulfill your drinking needs. Low sodium cottage cheese, unsalted seeds, and nuts (such as almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds), unsalted popcorn, tortilla chips, and unsalted pretzels will help you to have low sodium snacks if you are a snack hunger person. To enhance the taste of your normal meals you can have low sodium condiments such as mayonnaise, vinegar low sodium sauces or salad dressings, garlic or pepper powder, herbs and other natural spices too.

Does it possible to find low sodium food in the market?

Due to the reason to increase our appetite most of the manufacturers use a high amount of sodium as salt and MSG to make fast foods. Therefore, it is some kind of challenge to find low sodium fast foods. But it is not impossible at all. Due to the current trend to go for “low sodium fast food” (in terms of low salt, low sugar, and low fat), nowadays many restaurants present some menus with low salt. And also, there is a trend for a “free-from” range too such as sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free, etc. but, it is quite difficult to have free from sodium food in the market.

But definitely you can go for some low range such as low sodium snacks, bread types, frozen meals, etc. you do not want to skip your meals, but it is better to reduce the portion size of the meal to reduce the salt intake. There is nothing impossible if you are having a deep interest in that.

Not as one single person, as a community you can go for a change!

You can ask for health foods in terms of low salt from your day to day shopping places. Every shop owner has set his goals to satisfy their customers, as they consider the customer as a king. So, there can be low sodium fast foods at restaurants to fulfill your needs. The only thing you have to request them to make foods according to your needs or else you can find another shop with your requirements. So, it is up to you to request what you want from them. Gradually, this will help to make a change not only in your meals but also in your loving ones and society too.

Ways of finding low sodium fast food

This low-sodium definition of the FDA is always not tally with the market products. But you can have some reduced-sodium foods by reading and comparing the nutritional information in the packaging. And also, you can reduce the number of additives you use to enhance the taste such as sauces, dressings, cheese, and spreads which have a high amount of salt. And you can shift for some options, such as fruits and boiled vegetables instead of high sodium foods, etc.

Also, it is necessary to shift to a high amount of water. Most of the time drinks do not contain a high amount of salt. Not only that but also drinking a high amount of water helps the filtration process in your body too. And it is important the portion size you consume for a day. You have to avoid jumbo-sized foods, which has red flags for sodium. There are plenty of low sodium food recipes on the internet. So, what you have to do is just Google it by name. But you should make sure to refer to its sodium amount also.

Challenges that have to be faced when shifting to low sodium food

marinade with honey

The main challenge arising when having low sodium foods is that they are not palatable as the consumed before. But, Various ways to taste you and your loving one’s meals while avoiding salt usage. You can go for lemon juice as an alternative for salt. Moreover; you can try meals adding new spices, fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic, and ginger to taste your prepared foods. You can make your own low sodium snacks by mixing unsalted nuts, herbs, and pulses even. To marinate your foods you can have low sodium soy sauce, honey, vinegar, olive oil, garlic or other herbs even. Therefore, make meals at home it the best way of having fast foods with low sodium levels. This can control going wrong things to your body and avoid making you unhealthy with a good quality diet.

Why should we transfer for low sodium fast food?

According to some researches, they have proved that high sodium foods are associated with common diseases arising from now-a-days. Kidney disease is a kind of such disease where you should avoid taking sodium. National Kidney Foundation has recommended that to avoid salt for the person who has Chronic Kidney Disease. High levels of sodium have linked to high blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. Low sodium foods have been recommended to patients who are having heart failures as high sodium levels trigger the elevation of blood pressure.

Therefore, if you add low sodium foods to your daily meals, this helps you to have health benefits in several ways. This practice will reduce your blood pressure and also help to decrease cancer risks such as stomach cancer. Also, this improves diet quality as unhealthy foods have high sodium levels awfully. Therefore you can be safe from diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes, etc.


Most people exceed the recommended daily intake of sodium per day due to fast and junk food varieties, which we can find easily around us. So, if you have a keen interest to cut excess sodium, it is the best option to make your meals at home by minimizing processed, precooked and restaurant food items. But, due to the current trend, some food processors have gradually shifted towards low sodium foods, by enlightening your desires for a healthy meal.

But we cannot keep our trust in those low sodium fast foods. Therefore, it is better to go for some possibilities instead of fast food in order to have a healthier life. This will lead to having a good quality diet. Moreover; simultaneously it helps you to get rid of future diseases too. If you consume decreased amounts of sodium foods, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits are the best way of becoming a healthier person. It is up to you to choose a better lifestyle to minimize diseases and spread smile and laughter not only to you but also to your society even.


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