Why do we have to live a healthy life?

Living a very healthy life is what we all expect throughout our short lifespan.  However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite a challenge with the fast growing world and the industrialization. Today people are in to various activities and they sometimes even forget to eat with a heavy workload. Even though paying attention to your healthy diet is an important aspect we all forget to follow it. Healthy living has few key areas that we have to consider. First of all, the food that we consume, regular exercising and keeping our mind relaxed and happy are the main important factors. If someone fail to maintain these key areas it may cause many problems to our body. Due to irregular patters of body functioning we might fall sick and it will have many adverse effects to continue our daily life.

Why do we have to maintain a healthy diet?

paleo diet for weight loss
Paleo diet for weight loss

Based on the key areas having a healthy diet is one important factor for better living. If you are someone who is interested in junk food or any other artificially developed food it might cause many problems. The biggest problem that people face is obesity. Furthermore, it may lead to serious problems such as heart diseases and many more adverse conditions for not having a proper healthy diet.

Well, there is nothing to worry even if you are someone who is interested in junk food. However, you will have to reduce them and focus more on a healthy diet plan. A diet plan such as paleo diet weight loss will be the most ideal solution to maintain your physical health. Therefore, lets have a look how paleo diet weight loss can contribute for a better living.

What is paleo diet weight loss?

paleo diet weight loss sounds a bit unfamiliar right? Well it is similar to a meal plan that was consumed by the people who lived thousands of years back for their survival. It is even called the Paleolithic diet plan because it was practiced during the stone age where there was no electricity and other fancy appliances like we have today. A paleo diet weight loss include food such as fish, meat, leaves, fruits, nuts and seeds that we use to get naturally. They are very healthy for our body and they don’t have artificial preservatives and other chemicals that are used to boost the flavor.

30 day paleo weight loss meal plan
30 day paleo weight loss meal plan

What is the purpose of paleo diet weight loss?

The main idea behind the paleo diet weight loss plan is to focus on how people ate during the Paleolithic Era. With the current practices our body is genetically mismatched with our eating patterns. Which is also known as discordance hypothesis. Therefore, due to the changes in our food patters it led to conditions such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. In the past people use to have farms and cultivate their own food supplies. However, today it has changed and people are consuming more junk food. This is why people have studied the past and are more concerned about food habit such as the paleo diet plan.

What benefits you will have by following paleo diet weight loss?

By means of a paleo diet weight loss plan you will be able to rapidly reduce the weight and maintain good physical health and stamina in your body. Paleo diet and weight loss has a good connection. This will reduce the adverse heath effects and boost your immunity system to live a very healthy life. Furthermore, the preparation of a paleo diet plan is quite easier than any other diet plan. Since they are based on fruits, vegetables and meat. Therefore, you are always consuming very heathy natural food in your diet plan.

What you should not consume in a paleo diet weight loss meal plan?

paleo diet weight loss results
Paleo diet weight loss

One you start adapting to the paleo weight loss plan there will be certain food that you will have to avoid in your meal plan.

  • Food that contain sugar

If you are consuming food or drinks that contain high levels of sugar it will not be suitable for a paleo diet plan. This include ice cream, toffees, chocolate, fruit juice and artificial fizzy drinks etc.

  • Low -Fat Dairy Products

Products that contain low fat is not good to be practiced in a paleo diet plan. Especially food that contain low fat milk, butter and cheese.

  • Vegetable oils

Sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil, soya oil etc.

  • Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are also said to be bad when practicing the paleo weight loss meal.

  • Junk Food

Food that contain processed meat and fat are not good for this meal plan. Specially food such as burgers and other high calorie food are not good.

Fact: How ever apart from these dark chocolate and red wine is said to be perfect with the paleo diet plan.

Preparing your self for a Paleo Diet will be quite a cumbersome process. If you are someone who is stuck with a hectic work load it will be quite a challenge for you to adapt in to a Paleo diet weight loss plan.

However, it is up to you take care of your own health. If you are someone who love to enjoy your life to the maximum and love to live the full lifespan of your life then taking care of your health will be very important.

Is the paleo diet good for weight loss?

is the paleo diet good for weight loss
Is the paleo diet good for weight loss

During the preparation time period a person will have to slowly give up on all the junk to get paleo diet weight loss results. It may be a slow process and it might take time but if you are interested in the plan it will be quite easy for you to practice the paleo diet plan within a short time period.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss One Month Plan

You can try out this plan within one month to see how fast you will experience the full results of the Paleo diet for weight loss.

Paleo Diet on a Monday

Breakfast: Steamed vegetables and boiled eggs with one fruit.

Lunch: Fried fish with salad and a hand full of nuts or a fruit.

Dinner: Toast with a mixture of salad or steamed vegetables.

Paleo Diet on a Tuesday

Breakfast: Steamed vegetables and bacon with one fruit.

Lunch: Steamed rice, fish curry with green leaves and vegetables.

Dinner: Steamed vegetable with a fruit and nuts.

Paleo Diet on a Wednesday

Breakfast: Smoked chicken with steamed vegetables.

Lunch: Steamed rice and vegetables with fruits.

Dinner: Red wine and bread/burger with grilled chicken.

Paleo Diet on a Thursday

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and fruits.

Lunch:  Salad mix with chicken and steamed vegetables.

Dinner:  Smoked chicken and fruits

Paleo Diet on a Friday

Breakfast: Steamed vegetables

Lunch: Fish, vegetables with rice

Dinner:  Toast, with salad mix and fruits

Paleo Diet on a Saturday

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon and fruits

Lunch: Steamed vegetables with salad

Dinner: Chicken and toast

Paleo Diet on a Sunday

Breakfast: Sandwich with fish or meat and fruits

Lunch: steamed vegetables and fruits

Dinner: salad and toast

how long does it take to see results from paleo diet
How long does it take to see results from paleo diet

How long does it take to see results from paleo diet?

Well, to answer this question there should not be any cheat days. If you start practicing this plan continuously it will have very quick results within a month. How ever you need patience to see the full results of this paleo diet weight loss plan.  By practicing this plan for at least 2 months it will have very quick results and your body will start working in a very heathy manner. 30 day paleo weight loss meal plan will be the turning point where you will experience the results. Once you start passing the one month line you will experience the average weight loss on paleo diet plan.


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